Check out comment writer
Tom’s BLOG which is called:


There’s a photo of a frozen custard place (on Tom’s BLOG) that
I think I saw on the FOOD CHANNEL (the place, not the photo…)

If you have any fun links, send them in!

Cool beans!


2 Responses to “BEANIEVISION”

  1. Bat Guano Says:

    My fun link is to It’s a weekly “podcast” that has the advantage over other soundfiles on the web in that it is actually a radio show. A radio show that against all odds has been on the air for 18 years. Or 20 years if you want to include the time its host was kicked off the air for not being enough of a “alternative rock” program.

    The kicker is… that host is… me.

    We met before when I sent in stories of meeting Tiny Tim, Dan Quayle, and of knowing a guy who met Hunter S. Thompson.

  2. beanievision Says:

    Kurt, thank you for the plug!! Hey, I have to say hello and buy you a coffee if I get to LA!

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