I’m loving the Olympics!

Like many hundreds or millions of very like-minded individuals around the world, I myself am enjoying the great 2008 Olympics which are being currently held in Bejing (China) – there are many Olympic events which I am finding to be very entertaining and inspirational.

I really love the following Olympic “events” –

1) the event where
people jump in water and
move their arms and legs around

2) the event where people
swing around two bars

3) the event where people
whack a small ball over a net
and then jump around

4) the event where people
with swords (and weird clothes)
try to kill each other

5) the event(s) where people run

And there are many other Olympics “events” I am
enjoying (on TV) and there is an entire whole week
left of the Olympics and that’s nice.


One Response to “I’m loving the Olympics!”

  1. jeff Says:

    i like the event where people use a pole to get over another pole

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