I was a stone’s throw away from shutting down *COMMENTS* here, but Jeff Baij (see below) has singlehandedly restored my faith in random web humanity interaction stuff. And people who know me can attest (and swear) that when I like something, I’m not whistling Dixie.

Oops, gotta pick up this post…

I don’t think I’ve ever met a person with an *I* preceding a *J* in their last name. But, thanks to the great and powerful internet, I sort of have.


Jeff Baij does seem to understand that even a basic GIF can be delightful in the face of all the rancid and wanton crumminess that passes itself off as “conceptual web art” (on the internet, Dear Lord…which is ever a haven for the talentless)

And Jeff (Baij with the *I* and *J*) looks like he’s got a “motion thing” going on, which I’ve never seen within the context of a plain old Quicktime movie…like moving frames depicting a continuum…a continuum of a simple scene (such as someone standing up on a porch)

Yep, I like this stuff…and if I was a real big-timey art critic and if I knew bigger words, I would write more about Jeff Baij (rhymes with beige?) and his splendid internet-ish art pieces by golly.


Reminds me a little of what my friend Jake
does up in Manchester…BAD WATER



  1. James K Says:

    Man, that Jeff Baig stuff is something else. I played with gifs in my time, but didn’t take it anywhere near as far. This was the pinnacle of my achievement, and looking back I find it both mesmerizing to watch and incredibly creepy. It was meant to be unsettling, I think, but I am genuinely unnerved by this creation from my past.
    Amp project extended frames edition.1

    I’m not really sure what it’s about anymore except an animation test that got strangely serious real fast.

    Anyway, the original reason I’m commenting on your blog is because of your set of Westminster sign photos. I happen to live in Westminster and was a bit unsettled when I saw the set starting. I couldn’t help but feel that somehow an unspoken agreement had been breached -the internet had crossed over that boundary between its obsessive, monstrous great masses of information that mostly have nothing really to do with me, somehow into these minor details of my private, local, real mundane life. This was something of a surprise to me considering how much of “our” (kids these days) private lives out there on the internet for anyone to see, yet somehow a set of photos of public SIGNS designed to catch the eye which happened to be located in my hometown catches me off guard.

    It’s got me thinking- if this kind of strange random connection makes me feel uneasy, ought I be more careful with my actual private data I just throw up publicly on site like myspace or facebook? Shouldn’t that make me feel twenty times more weirded out?

    On the flip side, I also found your set of photos inspiring. I loved the little details that made me know right away it was my city, not garden grove, not cypress, not seal beach, not long beach, not huntington beach, it was Westminster. I want to go out myselfand start capturing those little details, those fragments that give an image to this long and narrow city. I never realized before how much character was in those walls, those signs!
    I have a camera- make that many cameras- that I haven’t used in too long. I intend to remedy that soon.

    Do you have any tips for good shooting in the city? I have done some photography on my college campus and it is a little un-nerving if there are a lot of people (and you are perhaps photographing some of them).

    Would you consider this good random human web interaction, or will you be closing your comments now? 🙂

  2. benbenek Says:

    I had stopped smoking and I picked up a camera for the first time (2002) and started taking pictures

    Much later (2004) I had gained a lot of weight and I started walking everywhere to lose the weight (which I did)

    I’ve walked EVERYWHERE within a 20 mile radius of my house…every main street and probably photographed every sign and building 3 times over.
    I know all the tags and graffiti on all the sidewalks…etc

    I don’t have much patience, so I have no *photo techniques” – plus I don’t consider myself a photographer anyway. The camera is basically a replacement for the cigarettes (Camels) that I used to smoke. I’ve taken at least 100,000 photos in the past 6 years (100-200 per day average or more…it’s easy!) and out of those I have only taken about 10 REAL GOOD photos and maybe one or two GREAT photos…always by accident.

    POINT AND SHOOT is my motto…and worry about the results later. I don’t Photoshop my jpegs much…maybe just sharpen a little, contrast and there’s a function called *shadows and highlights” which gets around an image and makes it come alive. All photos (by all picture takers) contain the personality of their creator(s)

    I don’t take photos (much) of people – people on the street are either paranoid, busy, fucked-up, angry or else they’re *speed walkers* or joggers or crrrrazy bikers. I like photographing buildings and signs better, because they don’t have attitudes and lack fear.

    Some guy got pissed at me two weeks ago and thought I was taking his picture (I was shooting at an ice cream store sign) – – –

    HIM – “Hey, motherfucker…were you fucking taking my goddamn picture, motherfucker??!”

    ME – “No, I was taking a photo of the ice cream sign”

    HIM – “You better not have been taking my motherfucking picture cuz I will fuck you up!!!!”

    ME – “Nope…just the ice cream sign…”

    And so on…some people like the drama of people picture taking. Not me.

    My advice (in all things) is do what you want at all times, don’t think much, go with the flow, be nice to animals, not everybody is your friend, strangers are strangers for a reason, have an ice cream cone once in a while.

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