James Allen – As a Man Thinketh

Since we’re surrounded by libraries here in Long Beach, I tend to drop
by one or two per week (on strict average) – the other day I was in the Bach Library up near the big park across from the big bank near a big street – and I was looking at books and I happened to look at the audio books (yeah, ugh…) and I noticed that there was an audio book of James Allen’s book “As a Man Thinketh” which is maybe one of the top two or three human potential (or self-help) books ever written (maybe the best)

As a Man Thinketh (PDF CLICK HERE)

And I pondered checking out that particular audio book, but decided not to…my week went on and I kept thinking about “As a Man Thinketh” which is a book I’ve read before but never owned…and I thought about it and thought about it…and later this week I happened to be in another library (in Seal Beach) and there was a large rolling bookshelf which housed books for sale and I began browsing through the sale books and lo and behold stuck in a corner on one of the shelves was a copy of James Allen’s book “As a Man Thinketh”…how very coincidental and nice, especially so since the book was only TEN CENTS wow! I bought it and now I own it! Talk about unplanned pregnant commerce!

No matter how we (as a sedentary species) slice and dice the question, there truly is (are) no such thing(s) as coincidence(s) – hence this quick story regarding James Allen’s book “As a Man Thinketh” which (hopefully) illustrates the point, however vaguely and…brevitous.



One Response to “James Allen – As a Man Thinketh”

  1. Jared Says:

    There’s a great site, The James Allen Library (www.jamesallenlibrary.com) devoted to Allen and his works.

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