Today I received an email reply from writer and Fug (and other things) Ed Sanders – I had written Sanders about three months ago and had asked him a simple question concerning some factual material in a short piece he wrote concerning Wavy Gravy

And not only did Ed Sanders answer my simple question, he answered it thoroughly. Now, Ed Sanders is maybe perhaps one of the 5 or 10 greatest living American writers and he’s also made his mark majorly in many fields.

And he took out time (and took time out) to write me. Wow.

This once again proves my self-inflicted adage that “the good ones always write” – in other words, throughout my life I’ve had some letter-writing and email contact with some fairly well-known collective cultural icons (I traded letters with actor Dick York back in the late 1980s, etc) and (almost to a person) the best ones (“the good ones”) have always taken time (out of their busy schedules) to write me back when sent a question or comment (by me)

Contrast that with many lesser cultural characters (anywhere and everywhere, especially on the internet) who make it their business to avoid replying to emails, who avoid being straightforward and who avoid being somewhat kind and considerate when it comes to people asking about their work (or art…or music…or writing)

But yeah…the good ones always write.

Ed Sanders – Woodstock Journal

get on down with The Fugs



  1. lucky Says:

    i wish you would also show pictures of the young boy who played dennis in dennis the menace which was telecasted with the three stooges in india on sony entertainment television

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