The Three Stooges

Don’t know how I ever missed taking the Three Stooges train. I vaguely remember seeing old black and white (what else?) Three Stooges shorts on Saturday morning TV or Sunday afternoon TV or whenever, but I cannot recall ever latching on to the whole Three Stooges mythos as many of my kind-hearted and often drunken friends did.

Basically I’d gone my whole life without having the perverse desire to watch The Three Stooges, up until about two weeks ago when I suddenly (out of the blue) was struck by the “perverse desire” to watch some actual raw unfettered Three Stooges in the flesh – – so quickly (to quench my innocent thirst) I managed to find an actual whole small compilation called “Curly Classics” online (only $3.80 at Amazon) and, and, and…

And I watched the first three shorts (on the compilation) straight through…I wasn’t bored or distracted but I was struck by the fact that Moe Howard definitely must be the angriest man ever placed on earth (angrier but funnier than Hitler!) and I generally was overwhelmed and ultimately strategically enlightened by The Three Stooges in about an hour.

So, I’ll have to eventually check out the “Shemp Years” and maybe I’ll even get some Three Stooges fridge magnets and a couple of Three Stooges metal wall hangings. Some obsessions simply take time to flourish.

All Three Stooges-related websites on the web seem to suck big time, so sorry no fun links!


One Response to “The Three Stooges”

  1. V.E.G. Says:

    Moe, Shemp, and Curly Howard’s ancestors came from Lithuania. Larry Fine’s ancestors came from Russia. Joe Besser’s ancestors came from either Russia, Poland, or Belarus. A total of Six stooges. Five of the Six Stooges came from ancestors from the now former Soviet Union.

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