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Robert Frank – Cocksucker Blues

April 25, 2009

It had been a year since I last watched this thing and since it was a nothing-to-watch-Friday-night-kinda-evening I popped in my grainy DVD (dubbed from Outer Mars) copy of Cocksucker Blues and I’ve only made it 35 minutes into it so far, but I need to reiterate how great it is on many non-Stonesian levels, including the almost random camera moves, the indestructible soundtrack which exists as an entity unto itself, plus what about the Heavy Metal Parking Lot-style crowd shots and hangers-on shots also?…and also really solely it is not-to-be-missed for Mick Taylor and his solo during Brown Sugar and can’t forget the auto tour into The Deep Dark South

somebody’s posted the whole film right here


Benson Sound Incorporated – Oklahoma City

April 21, 2009

Ever since right out of high school I’ve been a rootin’ tootin’ big fan of obscure (and semi-obscure) Christian pop albums circa late-1960s through the 1980s…and many of the albums that I hold dearest (especially those by Darrell and Pat and others) have definitely been recorded (since 1969) at Benson Sound Incorporated over in Oklahoma City – the “Benson Sound” is mighty clean and crisp with punchy bass! Can’t beat it, nope!

Benson Sound Incorporated

Chuang Tzu – Genius of the Absurd

April 19, 2009

Now here’s a book that’s apparently right down my alley…the whole complete collected writings of Chinese mega-Taoist Chuang Tzu – had to get the “good vibes” ACE 1971 version (via James Legge and Clae Waltham) because it’s pocket-size and built for speed reading.

I’ve heard (literally) good things about Chuang Tzu very recently (seek out Alan Watts and his kick-ass “Wisdom of the Ridiculous” lecture) and am puzzled as to why it took me until now to figure out I should read this guy. Have already finished the short introduction and am ready to plow full-bore (boar) into this obviously bitchin’ book.

How now paperback Tao?