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The swell video game magic of TRON!

June 27, 2009

Gosh, hadn’t seen TRON (the sci-fi animated LIVE action Disney movie) since I was 18 – turns out it has held up SPLENDIDLY, in fact it hasn’t aged much at all, other than some of the mulletized haircuts and the snug faded dorky blue jeans some of the actors wear (outside the video game…)

Visually, TRON (of course) is stunning, having been compiled using comfy composites, ace animation, LIVE action (again) and dozens of other movie-esque techniques.

Apparently “they’re” doing a TRON 2 – so, let’s hope it stays on budget and lives up to the trademark. All in all, TRON is one motherfucking great kick-ass wonderful fucking movie!


Michael Jackson

June 27, 2009

Upon hearing of his (MJ’s) timely death (all deaths are timely and in the long run, timeless) I was reminded internally of a slogan I once glimpsed on a t-shirt in a local clothing shop which humorously read:

“Where else but in America can a poor
young Black boy grow up to be a rich ugly White woman…”

Of course PHIL OCHS said it best when he sang:
“No, no, no…don’t play the chords of fame”

VANDALISM – edited by Colin Ward (1973)

June 9, 2009


The great thing about having one of our local libraries selling
used and discarded books for a dime (10 cents) is that killer,
straightforward and somewhat oddball books (like this one)
find their way(s) into my ever-morphing cheap-o-yet-effective
“level two” reading library. Definitely this is not a book I would
pay ten bucks or even a dollar for… yet it’s near priceless,
with tons of early 1970s-style photos of vandalism and
spray paint-isms…all accompanied by rather rigid-laced
commentary and some statistics. All pretty tame in this
age of body modification and spatial (ie; sculptural or
skyscrapertural) one-upmanship…however, quite to the point!